The material that are being used in construction is a MDF, plywood or furniture board. We carry outour own or entrusted projects of any shape or size. Application: stands for ceramic tiles, rack for wall floor or elevation panels  
Stands and display units
Aug/08/2013 Furniture manufacture
  We arrange commercial interiors, public and individual within the D I formula such as...  
Furniture manufacture
Jul/30/2013 Characters


MDF, plywood, plexiglass, PVC

We produce dimensional letters, signs, logos as well as exterior and interior signage. We are specialised in tooling, processing and painting of MDF, plexiglass, PVC, dibond,
Jul/31/2013 Openwork panels, heaters housing
Due to a technology of cutting at the numerical milling CNC’s we carry out our own or entrusted projects of any shape or size. Materials
Openwork panels, heaters housing
Aug/08/2013 Stands and display units

Display Units

About us

Welcome to the website of the grafeR company.

The company was established in 2005. It is a family business. We manufacture, services and basically cooperate with the furniture, advertising or industry business. We act in the fields where we can take advantage from our potential and production capacity. We offer display units, dimensional characters and finally cutting and laser engraving.


If you plan to carry out your projects, orders, plans, now or in the future, we invite you to get familiar with our offer. We are open to cooperation in a field of individual and mass production orders, carrying out services as well as other concepts of use within our capabilities. We are happy to answer your questions about our business profile as well as other unusual projects which could not have been previously performed yet, thanks to our skills and modern machinery, we can accomplish. We provide professional display units and spatial letters.


I invite you to a cooperation.

Your Sincerely

Roman Bochniarz - Owner


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